Montgomery Texas Pioneers of Cedar Brake Park

Cedar Brake Park

On January 25, 2014, the Pioneers of Montgomery historical memorial was dedicated at Cedar Brake Park, Montgomery Texas. Lynn Peverill, a Montgomery resident, designed the monument to honor those who helped build Montgomery County. The Boy Scouts of America funded the installation of this monument in Montgomery, to honor Charles B. Stewart and other pioneers who helped make Montgomery great.

It is located in historic Montgomery, and boasts century-old red cedar trees. Since the 1830s, it has been a favorite spot for children. Anna Weisinger, and Bessie Owen both remember it as a playground when they were young. CB Stewart originally designed the park. Texas HVAC Company

It is wheelchair-accessible and features plenty of shaded areas. There is also a playground and covered pavilion. You can also use the picnic tables and grills. The park was made possible by donations from patrons.

The Pioneers of Montgomery

Since 2012, the Pioneers of Cedar Brake Park Montgomery in Texas has been a historical monument project. The monument will honor those who helped to create Montgomery. Lynn Peverill, a sculptor, designed the monument. It is dedicated to early settlers and businessmen, who made Montgomery a lively place to live and work. It is also dedicated to Charles B. Stewart (entrepreneur), who helped to create the Texas State Seal, and Lone Star Flag. On January 25, 2014, the statue was dedicated to Stewart. This monument is the only one that has been completed in the park.

To honor the city of Montgomery’s early settlers, the Pioneers of Cedar Brake Park, was created. To create the park, the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife provided matching cash donations, in-kind services and donated materials. Lynn has been a member of this board since its inception.


Cedar Brake Park is great for all ages. It is located in downtown Montgomery. There are many activities, including an accessible playground. This park is also wheelchair-accessible, and has picnic benches and covered pavilions for shade.

There are many accessibility features in the park, including a play area with high-stepping steps for children, a bridge that can be moved by wheelchair-bound children and a dirt tube measuring twenty feet long. The pavilion is forty feet long and was named after the mayor of the city at the time. It can be used as a shelter from the sun for large groups.

Montgomery Parks & Planning Department will uphold the American with Disabilities Act. They will provide inclusive services, modifications and physical accessibility in order to promote social equity, inclusion, and equality for all citizens. Cedar Brake Park offers wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, sidewalks, and parking. It is home to Sam Houston’s iconic statue, which often wears a Santa Hat during holidays.

How to get there?

Cedar Brake Park, located near Montgomery, Texas is a family-friendly, accessible park. The park has a covered pavilion, a playground, picnic tables, and grills. A group of local residents called the Patrons at Cedar Brake Park made this park possible. It is accessible by wheelchairs and makes a wonderful place to visit during all seasons.

Many red cedar trees dating back to the 1800s are found in the park. Since its construction in 1837, the park has been a favorite place for children to play. It has been the location of important community events, such as the July Fourth celebrations and the Pioneers of Montgomery historical landmark project. To speed up the process, the Montgomery Historical Society and the park collaborated.

There is also a wide range of equipment available for older children. Children with disabilities can climb the twenty-foot dirt tube. Ronnie Phillips, of Jordan Construction, constructed a 40-foot pavilion in memory of John Butler, who was the mayor at the time the park was created. It can be used for large events and has a covered area. Check it out here