A family who belonged to one of the first German immigrants to this region of Harris County in the 1840s held the land that is now known as Kleb Woods Nature Preserve. Conrad Kleb is the one who arrived in Harris County. Three pieces of land totaling 131 acres were built up by one of his great-grandsons, Edward Kleb, between 1904 and 1933.

Elmer Kleb spent his entire life on this farm, where he was born. He did not own a farm. When Elmer took over, he stopped farming and turned the land into a wilderness. He enjoyed being around animals and birds. To assist them, he planted trees. Taxes, for example, were never a worry of Elmer Kleb’s. He ultimately received a hefty tax bill. He would probably be forced into a sale, but his situation garnered a lot of attention. Elmer was placed under receivership by Judge Jim Scanlan. The judge designated an attorney to manage Elmer’s affairs.

The value of his assets far outweighed the sum he had to pay. In 1994, a little area that had been separated from Kleb’s home was reopened as the Kleb Woods Nature Preserve. Elmer was allowed to stay in the house according to the purchase agreement. He stayed there all the way to the end. Elmer was laid to rest at the neighboring Roberts Cemetery among his family.

Kleb Woods Nature Preserve and Nature Center Tomball Texas

Kleb Woods Nature Preserve and Center Tomball Texas

The Kleb Woods Nature Preserve and Nature Center near Texas HVAC Company is a beautiful place to visit. It is home to a variety of wildlife and wetlands, as well as ponds and trails. The preserve is a great place to experience the outdoors while enjoying activities such as bird watching, hiking, and nature programs.

Wetland Trail

At Kleb Woods Nature Preserve and Nature Center Tomball Texas, you can enjoy a trail that features wetlands and forest. You can also take a nature program to learn about local wildlife. There are also many trails throughout the preserve.

Old windmill

Kleb Woods Nature Preserve and center is a great place to learn about local wildlife. It is a wonderful nature preserve that features wetlands, forest, and trails. Visitors can observe birds and other wildlife, and participate in a variety of nature programs.


This nature preserve is made up of wetlands and forests, with nature trails, ponds and wildlife. Visitors can also enjoy nature programs and learn more about the plants and animals.


Hiking in Kleb Woods Nature Pre preserve and Center Tomball Texas is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities in the area. The preserve is a combination of forest and wetlands and features trails and ponds for hiking and wildlife viewing. There are even nature programs to enjoy while you're there.


Kleb Woods Nature Preserve and Nature Center in Tomball, Texas is a great location for a picnic. It offers five hiking trails, five picnic sites, and plenty of room for a large group. This natural oasis is perfect for family reunions or peaceful solitude. It is open 8am-5pm daily.Check this out

Scout camping

Kleb Woods is a 134-acre nature preserve with three miles of trails and restroom facilities. It also has a large pavilion, a picnic area, and a historic homestead. The center offers educational classes and volunteer opportunities. There's also an informative sign in the center listing some of the wildlife that lives in the preserve. The sign features species like nine-banded armadillos, swamp rabbits, gray squirrels, and white-tailed deer.

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